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They tell people who want a writing career that they shouldn't publicly take positions on politics and religion.

I have a congenital inability to do what I'm told (Hi Mom!) so I'm going to share the occasional opinion about politics and religion. I'm also going to write about most of the other things that interest me, the books I read; the shows I watch; things about the craft of writing and the business of self publishing.

Sometimes these things intersect.

The one thing I love that I won't be writing about here is baseball and that's because I write about that HERE.

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greg lynn

Want To Live In A Better World?

Sometimes this world just isn’t any fun. I’d rather live in a world where everyday people matter, regardless of all the little things that make them different. While we build that world here, I’m going to write about worlds where that’s already true.

In my books, you can find people from all walks of life doing extraordinary things. Sometimes they change the world. Sometimes they change their world. Sometimes they just try to survive.

When not writing, I’m generally reading, dicking around on the internet, watching baseball, spending time with my wife, or meeting my cat’s every whim.

If you want to live in a better world, check out my books, maybe you’ll find our world there.